Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progress Notes

As far as my health program goes I am making good progress. The past several days have been hectic, but I have still been able to fit lots of walking, and a little stretching and weight exercises into my day. The best part about it is that I am walking faster without being more winded. And, I am sweating. I am making good progress, but there is still a long way to go.

My employment picture is not going so well. Today I will be placing another application with Wal-Mart , and I will be checking on a few applications that I have out. But, I have a lot of competition for jobs, and people are just not looking to hire a 61 year old trucker to do something besides drive truck. But, my health demands a new career for me. And, I am trying to comply.

Although my time is pretty well taken up between my health program, my job hunt, and visiting my sickly sister I plan to try to get out more with the one camera that I have left. I miss the activities that go along with searching for subjects to photograph. But, I am still very busy editing and posting from my current files.

So, that leaves one other subject that I want to take note of. I am trying my best to do research for several articles that I am wanting to write. No matter what I am doing if there is a moment to spare I am taking notes or just thinking about things I want to write about. I have started a list descriptions of characters that I want to write stories and novels about. I am taking notes on issues that deal with the transportation industry, and I am taking notes on everything musical that I come across. And, I am seriously considering using the last of my money to buy a guitar. That way, if I am going to starve to death at least I can pick some tunes while dieing.

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