Sunday, February 14, 2010

Subjects to Write About

Writing articles for blogs seems to be becoming a competitive challenge for me. For now, my only competition is myself. My mind, these days, seems endlessly busy trying to find subjects to write about. My problem appears to be the same old story. My previous occupation had, somehow, totally separated me from the human species. As a result I have forgotten the myriad of activities ??????? that people are involved in. Even simple activities like scheduling my day so that dinner dates with members of my family seem to be a strange activity to me.

So, I am collecting subjects to write about even as I type this post. I suppose I could spend all of my waking hours writing articles for sites that deal with the transportation (my former 35 year career) industry. Well, I plan to do that in due time. Bur, after 35 years of endlessly giving to a career that seems hell bent to take your last drop of blood, I am currently just a little burnt out on the thought of writing about it, except for one thing.  I am in the process of writing a list that describes a list of characters I want to use for possible short stories and novels. Yeah, I would like to become a published novelist. For now, my list of published stories is rather short, with only one story being published in a college textbook. But, hey, the story was not written to be published in the first place. I wrote the story as part of an assignment for a speech class.

For now I will probably rely on my activities since retirement to draw stories, articles and post from. Hopefully my subjects will deal with photography, writing, health, music, and learning to live like I am part of the human species. These are the areas of my own life in which I am trying to make improvements. As the saying goes - write about what you know most about.

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