Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missin' You - by Keith Birmingham

This is a first draft, but I think I have it the way I want it. I had found the tune about 2 months ago, but just never got around to writing lyrics for it. Today, what I wanted to write just sort of slapped me in the face, and here it is. I will try to get a demo recording of it posted soon.  I am not the best singer, so don't expect much. I am open to musicians using the song for gigs. Just give me credit for writing the tune. Contact me for chords and other info. If you record it please have the decency to contact me for approval. I don't get mad. I don't get even. I get revenge: )

Missin’ You - Keith Birmingham.lyrics

Missin’ you, missin’ you,
No, I won‘t be missin‘ you.
Missin’ you, missin’ you,
I’ll be happy just to know that we are through.
I’ll be through, through with you.
I can’t wait to hear the slamming of that door.

I won’t cry when your gone.
I will find myself a way to carry on
You can tell all our friends
That our love affair has come to an end.
Nothing more, nothing less
And, I know that I‘ll be happy when your gone.

Well, I meant the words I said,
But, the sound of them keep trippin’ through my head.
And, I know that I was wrong.
I know that I can never carry on..
And, I pray you’ll forgive the words that I said.
And, I need you here beside me on my bed.
And, I need you here beside me on my bed.

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