Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plans Reviewed and Changed - Probably

This is not my R.V. I am hoping to purchase a 1/2 to 1 ton van to live in as I travel to places that something like this would be too large for. I drove truck for 35 years. Every thing that I needed to survive was within 6 feet of where I sat all day, every day. So, I know that I can live in a space the size of a 1 ton van quiet comfortably.
Words of wisdom: Before you start a project do the research.

My goal was to travel through at least 37 cities in the United States to collect interviews and photograph the art of street entertainment. I would live in a van, camp out at truck stops, seek out buskers, interview and photograph them, create calendars and a book with the results. And, along the way I would become a busking star in my own right.

But, words of advise that I once gave one of my older brothers kept ringing in the back of my mind. Before he purchase his Freightliner he told me that he would make a big enough down payment on the truck that he would be able to pick and choose most of his loads. I told him he was wrong. I told him that his competition would keep him working 24/7/365. And, I told them that he was not mentally or physically prepared for the challenge. I was right.

I believe it would be smart for me to listen to my own advise. But, I am not cancelling the plans. I am just taking a new look at how to do the project. Also, I am still looking to purchase a van for travels. And because, at the age of 63, I am seriously considering the other goals on my "bucket list". And, I think it is time to admit that I may not have the time to complete a project of this magnitude. But, there is a way to get the job done, slowly but surely. And, the fact that this article may give some photographer/musician the idea to do the project themselves will not matter. In fact, they may want to work with me on a small part of my project.

Many of my future post on Tunesmith Tavern will result from further research, and my actual journals into the world of busking. Stay tuned.

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