Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Van Needed for Busking and Photography Trip

I am making plans to hit the road on an extended photography and busking project. And, I AM BROKE: ), I PROMISE! I cannot afford a motel room every night, unless I start making boocoos money as a busker. And, I may be crazy because I’m even thinking about doing this, but I ain’t stu,,,. Well, I ain’t that stupid. So, here is what I am thinking. IF I NEED TO, I plan to put my car up for sale, but I want to try to find a van worth buying first.

What I have: A 2002 Acura, w/less than 100k miles. It's clean, most of the time. Yeah, right now I am lazy, and it is hot. It is dark green, with a tan interior. More gadgets, bells and whistles than I can remember that I have. Everything works very good. It is good on gas, but I've never measured it. I will try to get around to that before it goes up for sale. When gas was $3.90/gal. it was costing about $50 to put a full tank in it. I could make two trips from Weatherford to Edmond, Ok., and still have about a quarter of a tank.

What I need:
Not much. I would like to find a fully furnished and completely working van fit for temporary living quarters. But, I will settle for a mechanically sound van with driver and passenger seat, air conditioner, and heater. I can throw a mattress in there, add my radios, a converter, an APU, and whatever else I need.

Let me know if ya’ll have one, or know where one is!

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