Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Journey Has Begun

After years of searching for the chance to do this, and 2.5 years of preparation, I have finally begun a journey that I hope will enrich my life. I guess it just had to come down to a “now or never” situation for me to step up and step out. Anyway, I have a long battle in front of me to accomplish the following goals: To establish a home where I want to be, and to use my photography and music to travel when, where, why, how, and how much I want to travel. My home base may change with time, but I suspect that this, Las Vegas, is where I need to start. While I am here I will use Las Vegas to teach me how to chose and perform for the audiences I want to perform for. Meanwhile, I will be working on photographic projects that I have in mind, and trying to gain an audience for my photojournalism blogs that deal with travel, photography, music, and entertainment. Sometimes I think I have put to much of a workload upon myself. But, time will tell if that is so, and I will adjust accordingly. All I can do is give it my best shot, and hope that my ideas will pan out. And, pray that my health stays with me.

I have begun work on a new "on-line photography studio" for (http://badhabitphoto.smugmug.com/) Bad Habit Photography. Please visit my site today and often. I plan to upload photos there at least on a weekly basis. My other projects may keep me to busy to do much more than that.

This blog is here for me to tell what I learn from my journey. When I am not working on my photography or music I will be writing about Las Vegas, music, photography, and travel. Here are some photos from my first couple of nights on the strip. It will take me some time to get organized, but I am here and ready to go to work.

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