Friday, June 28, 2013

Review - "Priscilla - Queen of the Desert"

Priscilla - Queen of the Desert
Uhh, how do you tell your friends and family that you spent 2 hours of the night before enjoying a show about Drag Queens? Hey people, Vegas is Vegas. If you don't see it here you ain't gonna see it anywhere.

Priscilla - Queen of the Desert

It was an experience, to say the least. I won't talk about the underlying message that I got from the show, because I have no desire to promote it. With the recent battles won by gay marriage proponents I can only surmise that the performance I witnessed last night is a prelude to what the Liberals will be spitting out in the not too distant future. I would just ask this simple question: Since the Liberals show absolutely no tolerance for the Christian religion, and have no clue about live in the Muslim world, why is it that Conservatives should have to tolerate it when a Liberal vomits this stuff out?

Yes, the show was good for several laughs. Yes, it was a remarkable production for such a small stage. Yes, it was a nice night out on the town. And yes, it was "free tickets". And yes, it is highly doubtful that this country bumpkin would have ever thought about going to watch a bunch of genetically designed men dress up like women, and try to tell the world that tolerating their lifestyle would be a remarkably sane thing to teach our children.

Marriage? It died last week in Congress.

I will give it 3.5 stars for production value. It gets no score from me for the message it sends. A freak is a freak, is a freak, is  a freak.

Frank, sometimes I worry about you, my friend. But, I did have a good time.

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