Sunday, June 16, 2013

Follow the Sun

This bus was sitting outside of the Hard Rock Casino. I did not get a chance to talk to the two girls that are sitting on top of the bus, but I think they were traveling with a band. There was one other young lady there that was inside the bus while I was taking photos around there. The young man standing on the ground was asking them questions about who they were with. There seemed to be a steady stream of people that had to drive by just to take a look. To me it seemed like another bunch of young people imitating the hippies of the late '60's. And, I guess they thought they were doing something new.
My goal is to become as deeply involved with the entertainment field (all aspects) here in Las Vegas as I possibly can. In order to do this I am starting out at the bottom, both as a photojournalist and an entertainer. I came to Vegas two weeks ago with these goals in mind. And, things are going very slowly for me. And, I am not sure whether they are going my way or not. But, that is what I expected at this point in my long term project. I have made 2 trips to The Strip since I have been here to photograph street scenes, and take a look at the busking (street entertainer) scene. It is my goal to get to know the buskers, interview and photograph them and post the articles to this blog. I am hoping that the street scenes that I photograph, the buskers that I photograph and write about, and the other articles that I do about Las Vegas will draw enough readers to my site that will enable me to sell advertising on my site to local casinos, clubs, and other businesses.

I do, of course, have a few other blogs that I work with. But, for the past year or so my writing discipline has been sorely lacking. I have stayed busy working with my photography and music. But, I am hoping that my trips to The Strip and Fremont Street Experience will give me fodder to write about on a weekly basis. If I can focus enough to start writing again I plan to submit articles and photography to local publications like
Vegas Seven and Las Vegas Weekly. And, there are other local and national publications that I hope to write for in the near future. All of this work, I hope, will enable me to travel in the future doing my photography and music when and where I want to be. And, I plan to follow the sun.

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