Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting Hitched in Vegas


Well, I guess it doesn't really matter when they got here, but I think it was on the 18th. My son brought his fiance, and their son to Vegas to get married. His birthday was on June 20th, and they were married on June 21st. My job was to take care of my grandson. I done pretty good for about 4 days. After that I had to have help from Frank, the best man and a family friend. Actually, I would have done just great the whole week, but the walking just about killed me. They left on Monday. It is now Wednesday. I am still recuperating.

Someday I may write about why I did not keep busy with my camera the whole time they were here. Suffice to say that, in the first place, I am not particularly fond of shooting weddings for my own family members. Admittedly, I seem to screw them up royally. Then, you add to that, a little episode that I had while photographing what was going on at a swimming pool where my son and his family were staying, and things could have gotten ugly. I learned a valuable lesson that day. And, it changed the way I approach a photographic subject. And, it made some changes to the plans I have for my life in Vegas. In other words, my mission has changed just a bit.

But, here are some cell phone photos, without explanation, (use your imagination) from the week that my son and his family were here.

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