Friday, August 11, 2017

Looking Forward


This week has moved exceptionally fast, and I have finished at least one major project. So, now I can move on to better, more fun and more challenging things.

Up until now, while getting settled in my new home my only project in photography has been to visit the local parks and trails in and around the Las Vegas Valley. And, that will continue. In the future, however, I plan to start (and soon) shooting at small venue music sites. I will shoot open mic events, busker shows, and in the bars and cafes where musicians are honing their crafts and maybe making a few bucks. And, hopefully, I will find musicians who are open to playing and recording songs that I have written. Also, there are community events like art fairs, walkathons, political rallies, hot air balloon shows, car shows, and other events always happening all over the Las Vegas Valley, I plan to shoot at community events of all kinds. And, of course, Las Vegas is the convention center of the world.

I have now lived in Las Vegas since May 2 of this year. Yet, I have only been to The Strip 2 times spending a total of about 4 hours there. Primarily I have had too many other projects going to dive into photographing The Strip. Doing so will come, but it will come on my leisure time. If you are a people watcher there is always plenty to photograph on the strip. And, I find that the best way for me to do it is to find a place to sit down and let the photo moments come to me. However, on these preliminary trips I am touring The Strip just to see the changes that have been made. And, there has been a bunch of changes.

Although I will, from time to time, post about The Strip it is not my primary purpose for coming to Las Vegas. I have been visiting Las Vegas since I began a 35 year career in the trucking industry in 1974. I have watched it grow, and grow, and grow, and grow. And, I have watched The Strip change, and change, and change, and change. But, the one thing that does not change is the kind of people who move there, and stay. They are dreamers, and they are doers. And, they stay with a determination that I seldom have seen anywhere else. It is the locals of Las Vegas that make Las Vegas what it is. Las Vegas is a place where people can visit for a weekend and do things that they would not dare to do at home. Las Vegas is not a place where most dreamers will accomplish their dreams, but it is a place where people can bring their dreams, hone their crafts, and learn from the real professionals. In other words, the pay is not much, but the exposure can be priceless.

Finally, the following photos are from yesterday mornings walk for Vivaldi Park to Sonata Park, my second leg of Seven Hills Trail. There are spurs from this trail that lead to the Lord only knows where. Maybe someday I will explore all of them, but I do have the desire to expand my activity beyond photographing city parks. But, I want to show that there is more to Las Vegas than slot machines and strip joints. I still have a little more editing to do on a couple of photos due to residue on my lens, but that will come before they go onto my web sites.



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