Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Walk Through Discovery Park


I was wrong when I decided that the weather was going to keep me from heading out to shoot photos at a city park. Two hours later the skies, though still cloudy, looked good enough to take a chance.

Discovery Park is a very popular Green Valley neighborhood park that is jam-packed with almost every amenity you might desire. Picnic area, 2 playground areas, a softball field, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and lots of paved walking paths to enjoy. Although I did not see a dog park people were there with their dogs. Most dogs were on leashes. Those that were not on leash were right there with their human parents.

For directions and more info on Discovery Park click here.

Better World Media strives to provide great event, travel, lifestyle, and stock photography. I will return to Discovery Park on a less cloudy day, but I did get enough photos to start a nice gallery on Better World Media. You have no obligation to buy anything, but I would like to invite you to browse the web site. I have shot at more than a dozen parks in the area where I now live, and I plan to keep shooting city parks all over the Las Vegas Valley for the foreseeable future. And, once the weather cools down I hope to start shooting along the hiking and biking trails throughout the valley. Other subjects that I plan to shoot are museums, memorials, community events, open mic events, and small venue music events. There are older galleries of these subjects already posted on Better World Media, and there is more to come.


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