Friday, August 4, 2017

Pucinni Park to Vivaldi Park Walk


After stopping to photograph and enjoy the scenery I would estimate that I walked a good 1.5+ miles this morning on Seven Hills Trail. I walked the trail from Pucinni Park to just past Vivaldi Park. I walked along the street on my trip back to Pucinni Park. I do believe that at least 50% of the walk was up hill and about 20% down hill. For my next trip to the area I plan to walk from Vivaldi Park up to Sonata Park on the trail, and back to Vivaldi park along the streets.

I have not been able to do these walks every day since I have been here. I have a boatload of projects going right now. But, I am getting in better shape, and I have lost 10-12 pounds since I made it home to Vegas.

My first outing in the Las Vegas Valley taught me some valuable lessons: (1.)  Always bring water, and pay attention to your hydration level. (2.) Wear good walking/hiking shoes. Hopefully, by this Fall I can leave the city parks once in awhile and hit the hiking trails that are abundant around the Las Vegas Valley.



Life Is Good!!!

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