Monday, August 7, 2017

The Strip - 2017/08/05

I made it to The Strip again on Saturday evening. My first trip, the previous Saturday, started at Tropicana Avenue, and I went north from there. This trip I walked on the south side of Flamingo Avenue, but did not go as far south (Harmon Avenue) as I wanted too. That will have to come later. My legs will only stand so much walking.

The area in front of Bally's has completely changed since I was there 3+ years ago. It used to be an open promenade. Now it is filled with boutique sized shops off all kinds. Personally, I think they should have left the area open. There are more than enough shops all along The Strip.

The Bellagio has also completely changed the Conservatory/Botanical Gardens. But, the flowers are still there. They have simply changed the theme for the gardens.

I was walking from the gardens through the casino when The Fountains first started, and I did not stick around to photograph them this trip. There will be other trips.

My biggest disappointment in my first two trips to The Strip is that the musician buskers seem to have disappeared. My first trip, as far as buskers go, was a complete dud. This trip would have been the same, but I found a busker on the crossover (Flamingo Avenue) going from The Bellagio to Ceasars Palace. Maybe I'm just there at the wrong times for them, but the non-musician buskers I saw appear to be no more than "no talent" street urchins that have pulled discarded costumes out of the dumpsters behind the casinos.

On my next trip to The Strip I hope to get my first closeup view of the ( The Linq.


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