Sunday, September 19, 2010

Achieving Balance in Life

The Daisy Sea

For most of my life I have done everything I could to keep from accomplishing the one task that everyone should be trying to accomplish. In my attempt to become successful in the eyes of others I have done everything I could to please everyone but me. In my attempt to be loved by others I have given everything I have earned to people who either did not deserve my attention, or did not take care of what they possessed. I have put a major emphasis on becoming successful in a career that for 35 years I had a love/hate relationship with. And, to this day, I believe that my major character fault is the fact that I worry more about these same people than I do about myself. And, because of this I have not learned the simple secret to success in life. But, that secret is finally dawning on me.

You can have the biggest house in the world, and still not be happy, You can drive a Lamborghini or a Rolls Royce, and still not be happy. You can sail the seven seas in your own yacht, and still not be happy. You can have the love of everyone around you, and still not be happy. But, you can live in a small house with a healthy and happy family, rent a boat to row down a quiet stream, drive a ten year old car to and from a job you love, and you can feel happy, healthy and content with your life.

A balanced life is the truly successful life. A balanced life will take away the stress in your pursuit of health, wealth and happiness. And, the key to having a balanced life is having "self-worth". Self-worth is having the confidence in your own personal value and worth as an individual person. Self-worth is believing that you are as important to your own happiness as anything or any other person. Self-worth is the belief that taking care of yourself before taking care others is the most important aspect of health, wealth and happiness. Self-worth is, in essence, achieving a balance between your health, wealth and happiness by achieving a balance between yourself and all of the aspects of your world. And, once you begin to feel the positive effects of having a balanced life you will find that you are still able to maintain the relationships that are important to your life.

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