Monday, September 20, 2010

Mexico's Press Cowers to Drug Lords

This is a prime example of why Mexico is not disciplined enough to have their own free government. Should it surprise anyone that one of Mexico’s largest newspapers is asking the drug lords to tell them what they do or do not want reported?  Somehow, I just don’t think the Mexican public can expect to read the truth. Illegal immigration into the U.S. will not be stopped until Mexico's system of government is changed, and the drug cartels are obliterated. The U.S. should strongly consider lifting the prohibition of certain drugs, taxing those drugs, and using the tax money to destroy the drug cartels. I do not like the fact that some drugs would be legalized, but we are loosing the drug war we are in today.

Click this link to read the full article from Associated Press:

Mexico daily cuts drug war coverage after slaying

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