Sunday, September 26, 2010

Songs I Almost Know

My Song List

I have recently purchased my guitar after 14 years without one. Although I still knew a few chords my fingers would not go where I told them to go. So, I am basically starting from scratch at learning to play again. I do spend a lot of time just practicing finding my way around the neck of my Fender CD140. My fingers won't cooperate with the lead riffs that I played back in high school, but I think I know more now about what I was doing than I knew when I was doing it. (I hope I said that right.) I like this Fender more every day, but I sure wish I had my dad's Martin D29. Also, I have returned to Guitar Center and picked around a little on a Fender Strat. I had a Strat for about 3 years back in the mid-1990's. I hope to have another one soon. And, a Tele. And, another Gibson Les Paul. I do think I get more out of an electric. However, it might just be that I am making a lot more noise with them.

The songs listed here are the ones I am working on the most. However, for the past two evenings I have been adding songs that I was playing back in the mid-'90's. This list (for now) does not include the songs that I started adding two evenings ago. As I add songs to this list I am actually adding stories to the book of my life. I might add that the songs I have been adding over the past two nights are some of the most important songs (to me) of my life. I am country. I am rock. The songs are listed as "Songs I Almost Know". Although I can get completely through several of them I am far from satisfied with the sound and the technique. That is going to take a long, long time. But I am having fun, and it is the most relaxing thing I have done for such a long time.

Songs I Almost Know: (the list is not complete)

The Hurt - Johnny Cash

Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac

Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

So Far Away - Dire Straits

Imagine - John Lennon

More Than I Can Say - Leo Sayer

Young Love - Sonny James

Young Love - The Judds

Neon Moon - Brooks and Dunn

Your Gonna Miss Me - B & D

My Maria - B & D

Seminole Wind - John Anderson

Small Town - John Anderson

Amanda - Waylon Jennings

Just To Satisfy You - Waylon Jennings

This Time  - Waylon Jennings

Pancho & Lefty - Willie Nelson

City of New Orleans - Willie Nelson

Five Hundred Miles - Hedy West

Where Were You - Allen Jackson

Play With Fire - Rolling Stones

Ooh la la - Faces

Seven Turns - Allman Brothers Band

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers Band

On My Own - Keith

Thirty-Five Years - Keith

Water in a Stream - Keith

The songs that I will soon add to this list are the one's that I started looking for two nights ago. They are the songs I was playing back in the '90's.

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