Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Trucks Equal More Truck Stops

After rapping up some other projects I have going I will dig further into Jason's Law. As always, with government, this law will move slowly. I don't like that fact either. But, history shows that I am right. Anyway, until I can read the law to know whether or not I can support it, I want to say that I have pushed for additional and safer parking since I entered the industry in 1974. But, now that I am retired, maybe I can position myself to do a better job of fighting for changes in the trucking industry.

Quiet simply, here is my major proposal for resolving the parking problem the trucking industry is facing:
There should be no more building permits authorized for convenience truck stops that do not provide more than adequate parking for trucks. This would include truck stops located outside of city limits, and in rural areas. Also, as new truck stops with larger parking areas are built the free market will close the smaller truck stops. These truck stops should remain closed unless adequate parking is added to the property.

This problem will not be solve without cost. These cost will be passed on to the consumer.

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