Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oklahoma or Bust?

My e-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblog, Britesite, blogs, writing, music, photography, and all of the other sites I work with may be put on hold soon, and it may last until around the first of November. Looks like I should be heading back to Oklahoma shortly, or sooner. My apartment should be ready by the first of November. I "may" spend another month out here. But, if my roomie needs me, or gets goofie on me, I may come back as soon as today. Heck, I'm open for it. I just ain't going or staying where the drama is. But, I may have to make a few changes, and I may have to terminate my phone and/or data card for awhile. Sprint, my carrier, is trying to make changes on my account that would force me to sign a contract for another 2 years on 2 phones and a data card. I have been planning to drop the data card when I get to Oklahoma. And, I may get a package deal on my phone, cable t.v. and internet. So, anyway, I just have to see what Sprint wants, and then make up my mind what I want. Unless I start traveling again my pooter equipment should stay on the same table for a long while once I get my apartment.

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