Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mariel Hemingway

Have you ever wondered what happened to Mariel Hemingway. Well, she's on Twitter @Marielhemingway, and you can get all the information you need for gossip parties via Google.  So, all I will say is that I still like seeing her, and I think she is a very interesting person. She is a "health nut", which I also like. And, here is a poem she wrote:

Flowing - A poem

Awaken to the stream knowing that it must flow to the river
And the river to an ocean
A mix of salt and fresh water merge
And the river is no longer
And the stream begins again

The earth makes tribute to the sun
We bow to the rise and pay homage to the descent as though that is what happens
The sun is forever
The sun shines for all of us

We are guided by the breeze, heat, strength, and frost of nature
It stands alone and works in concert with everything
Observe nature in its Knowingness
Like the kingdom of God… Nature sleeps for no one
And loves unconditionally

Being true is brave… seeing truth is consciousness
No one sets our course
Nature is a map to simplicity, power and authenticity
In stillness live the smells of autumn and the truth of winter

In a garden we harness energy
It gives us life
To continue our partnership in health
In our heart we harness love
Love is given and grows in more love

Tears come easily in awe of day
Tears in seeing
That the stream begins again….
That the sun shines for all of us
And that one true breath holds freedom…

- Mariel Hemingway

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