Monday, September 27, 2010

Outlaws Out of Date

In litttle more than a month I will be returning to Oklahoma to live. That is, my apartment should be open and ready for me to move in by November 1st. Once I am settled into my new home I hope my schedule will allow me spend more time on this blog. There are things that I do here in Las Vegas than I will not be doing in Oklahoma.

I did not start this blog so that I would have a place to whine about how harsh my employer, the industry and the world was treating me. And, it will not turn into a pillow to cry on. The articles and posts that are placed on this blog come from facts that I know to be true because I have been there and done that. I don't need a damned pencil pusher in Washington, D.C. to pass judgments on me and my brothers and sisters of the road. They can write all of the rules and regulations they want, but until the idiots are off of the road and true professionals are hauling the freight none of their rules and regulations are worth a tinker's damn.

What I will say about my breed of trucker is that we are outdated. Outlaw trucking has long since been replaced by panty-waisted little boys and girls that don't have a clue as to what it is like to put in a full week of work in 3.5 days. I'm still laughing at that would be trucker that was bragging on his blog about a 653 mile day that was the longest mileage day in his 3 year career. I don't know why. Maybe he had to stop half-a-dozen times for diaper changes. Little Boy, you may have ran a legal load, but did you get the job done?

Again, I realize that my way of trucking is outdated. And that is, in essence, why I am no longer on the road. But, this nation and this industry, was not built by a bunch of whiney little brats worried about running legal logs. We got the job done. And, then we made our logs "look" legal. We did not hold a threat of lawsuits over our employers for expecting us to act like grown-ups.

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